Terrace & Patio Doors

Thomas Windows Inc. offers engineered, durable door solutions for a terrace or patio.

The TH-9250 and TH-9450 Swinging Terrace Doors feature a compression-seal, butt hinges, and a multi-point hardware system with a single locking handle. These custom-made doors can be manufactured in sizes up to 8 feet in height and 3 ½ feet wide, while maintaining a weather tight seal. Along with single doors, French double doors are also available, for an unhindered opening of 7 feet wide, allowing the comfort of the indoors and the beauty of the outdoors to come together as one.

The TH-9455 Sliding Door is the perfect option in locations where an inward or outward projection of a door is not desired. The operable portion of the sliding door door rests on heavy-duty rollers that allow for a delightful ease of operation.