About Us


At Thomas Windows we offer a line of custom aluminum windows featuring heavy commercial: Projected, Casement, Tilt & Turn, Double Hung and Fixed Windows. Our commitment to the values that keep our customers satisfied and turns them into clients is what makes us successful.


Our complete line of AW Rated windows are engineered to meet the highest performance requirements for today’s public and private projects. Thomas windows can be found in schools, churches, synagogues, train stations, office buildings, military facilities, and hi-rise residential buildings. At Thomas we focus our efforts and ingenuity on our core products. This allows us to continuously improve our quality and deliver on our commitments.


Thomas can meet your project needs and add value with our flexibility and quick turn-around time. Our ordering and streamlined production methods developed through years of experience allow us to deliver on time. Whether it’s new construction, retrofit or landmark restorations; we have the ability to customize our products to uncommon building requirements and a variety of applications. Today many architects depend on Thomas to deliver, even on the most unique requirements.


Thomas is a full-service manufacturer; whether it’s analysis of a structure before the bid, design engineering, or field measure; our team is there to assist you. Our staff consists of hands-on professionals including Architects, Designers, and Project Managers all committed to excellent customer service.

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